OUR VISION: Purpose, Proccess, and Product

PURPOSE: (or why?)

(Great Commission Mt. 28:18-20)

 Kenmore Alliance Church "exists to glorify God
 by making disciples of Jesus Christ, who make disciples..."
Wholly dependent on GOD and interdependently partnering with
CHRIST’s Body, the Church of WNY, we will make disciples by:


PROCESS: (or how?)

CONNECT with God and others at a worship service,

GROW in your relationship with Jesus and others in small groups,

and to SERVE the Lord and others in a ministry. 

PRODUCT: (or what?)

(Great Commandment Mt. 22:36-38)

disciples of JESUS who exhibit UP, IN, OUT and DOWN...

UP -Loving GOD

• Loving God in our Worship- We will seek to glorify GOD
with our work, talents, service, giving and praise.

• Loving God in HIS Word- We will study the Bible personally
and with others to know GOD better.

• Loving God in our Prayers- We will grow closer to GOD
relationally through regular corporate and personal communication.

In -Loving believers

• Through committed relationships we will help fellow believers
become more Christ-like as they help us.

Out - Loving those yet to believe 

• We will seek to share the gospel with everyone
through our lives of service and words of truth.

Down – Growing in holiness and humility

• We will strive to deny self and
surrender to the influence of the indwelling HOLY SPIRIT.